Our Favourite Coffee for Espresso

We love our espresso's and our latte's, cappuccino's, cortado's and especially a good flat white.

Here are some of our favourite coffee beans to use for making a good espresso shot at home.


Coffee of the Month

Don Eli Natural - Costa Rica

This is a specialty coffee micro lot coffee from Costa Rica. Producer Don Eli has grown, processed and milled this coffee in their own micro mill in the Tarrazu region, just south of the capital, San Jose.

‘Reposado’ means ‘rested’ in Spanish. They are resting the coffee cherries for a day or two after they are picked but before they are pulped and dried. This rest allows some enzymes and microbiological to make a transformation. This is a little like making sourdough starter. The yeasts and bacteria start to consume and convert sugars. This creates a change in flavour and aroma. In this case the coffee turns out to have more fruit complexity than the honey we have had from Don Eli for the past few years.