Great Ideas Start with Great Coffee

We look forward to welcoming you soon.

Whether you're already a full-time coffee geek like us, or you're simply searching for a better cup of coffee, we look forward to welcoming you soon.

Velvet Sunrise celebrates all of the intricate details that affect the fragrance, the flavour, and the freshness of coffee. Obsessing over the precision of every coffee they source, roast, brew, and serve, Mark & the team at Velvet Sunrise want to deliver to you the best cup of coffee you’ve ever had. It's all a matter of the attentiveness that's given in every single step of the way.

What We Do

Whether it's trading emails to help people brew their Velvet Sunrise coffee at home, helping new cafe owners fulfill their dreams of setting up a cafe, or crafting a roast for a private label to match their desired profile, we deeply involve ourselves in every step of the coffee process.

How We Do It

A great cup of coffee starts at the source. The source of each coffee bean we roast are green beans. Our green coffee beans mainly come from farmers who hand-pick, process and dry the coffee cherries. Our farmers’ toil and determination ensures that your cup of coffee starts it’s delicious journey to you.

Our coffee roasting starts with a close examination of the green beans. Checking the moisture content, density and grade upon arrival confirms that the coffee has survived the transport process intact. Next, coffee is sample roasted and carefully cupped to determine a baseline reference. We are trial roasting multiple batches at different profiles to look for sweetness, balance, complexity and the uniqueness of origin.

Volatile aromatics are captured by fast cooling in our state of the art roaster and coffee is packed and sent out within hours of roasting.

(Katia Duke of Finca San Isidro - Honduras)

Our History

Mark first discovered coffee roasting in a previous career as a civil engineer, when a client introduced him to home coffee roasting. The aroma and flavour in that cup of coffee changed his life forever.

From there, Mark fell down the rabbit hole, learning all he could about being a home roaster and barista, until his home carried that same rich aroma he first flirted with in his clients home.

He carried on that way, until the opportunity arose to open up his own roastery and cafe, Velvet Sunrise, with his wife Lisa who had ventured into catering. Leaning into being a wholesale roaster didn’t come without it’s bumps however, as Mark would discover that not everyone in the coffee industry matched his level of knowledge or constant curiosity about all things coffee related.

While most would find this frustrating, Mark was the opposite, and revelled in passing along his knowledge and skills. It didn't matter who it was, Cafe customers, Cafe owners (new or experienced), private labels, and toll roasters he was there to help them all alike.

Ten years later, Mark finds himself working with his small team closely day-to-day. Taking time out to talk coffee with people of all experience levels. The Velvet team wouldn't have it any other way. The fact that they're so involved throughout the process, from seed to cup, is the reality of their dreams come true.

We Are


we seek to provide our customers with coffee as fresh as possible


we are coffee fanatics and have a high attention to detail throughout every step of our process


we train our team to have the skills necessary to produce the best coffee we can


we offer our customers a wide choice of quality roasts, beans and flavours


we use up-cycled materials because it is important to us to preserve and help the environment


we continually seek out new beans and flavour profiles to provide high quality and unique tastes


we seek to turn our local area into a region of coffee enthusiasts by providing unique, quality coffees that challenge the norm


we pride ourselves on our knowledge and enthusiasm for our roasts and coffees and share that knowledge with our customers


our ever-growing zeal for coffee inspires us to constantly be learning, sharing and experimenting