Seasonal Features Coffee

Our Seasonal Features coffee are even more unique than our Single Origin beans, they are our limited edition small batch beans.

We only have so many, and when we run out, we may not get them back in stock anytime soon (or ever again!).

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Coffee of the Month

Gelana Abaya Yirgacheffe Natural - Ethiopia

This is a Grade 1 natural, dry processed coffee grown and processed close outside of Yirgacheffe in the Gelana and Abaya areas. These surrounding districts produce coffee with a distinct flavour profile and are renowned for the growers’ attention to detail, efficiency, and rigorous attention to detail when making these coffees.

What’s interesting abut this coffee: we love the mix of chocolate and fruit notes in Ethiopia natural process coffees. This one has a refinement that elevates it to the top of the class. A rare treat.