Seasonal Features Coffee

Our Seasonal Features coffee are even more unique than our Single Origin beans. Seasonal Features are our limited edition beans.

We only have so many, and when we run out of them we may not get them back in stock anytime soon (or ever again!).

These are seasonal, and are definitely for coffee drinkers who know what they like or who enjoy being adventurous in their coffee selections.

Coffee of the Month

Marcala Honey - Honduras

Marcala Honey is produced by 3rd generation coffee farmer Gerardo Penalba of Café Organico Marcala.

To Gerardo and his wife Fátima producing coffee is a 100 year old family tradition. As third generation farmers, they continue on a trajectory of excellent quality.

Now their Sons are set to take a larger role in the process, and keep the tradition going.

If you’re looking for Coffee that is steeped in tradition, and experience, this ones for you.

The technical notes:

The same degree of care in harvesting and selection of ripe, undamaged cherries is taken in honey coffees as in washed coffees.

After depulping the coffee, the coffee rests in a fermentation tank. Once the coffee begins the fermentation process, they move the coffee on to covered drying tables, or depending on wether, on to the patio.

Honey processed coffees require constant monitoring of temperature during the first three days of drying, while stirring the coffee every 15 minutes.

After three days, the coffee is stirred every half hour in order to achieve even drying down to a moisture content of 12%.

Generally drying times will vary between 15 and 21 days.