Signature Blends Coffee

Our Signature Blends category has custom blends that our head roaster (and owner) Mark have developed with our team to create new and unique flavour profiles. Combining Single Origin coffee to produce a new taste profile, and bring out the best of the different countries beans is what these blends achieve.

Coffee of the Month

Union Cantinil // Guatemala

Unión Cantinil is located in the heart of the municipality and receives coffee from a small radius of about 15km. This high altitude region has some of the best coffees in Huehuetenango. The generally north facing aspect of the mountains means the sun takes its time reaching the small plots where the coffee is grown. While there is some Catimor planted in the region, the common varietals are more traditional and conducive to a high quality cup, such as Bourbons, Caturras and Paches.