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Colasay District Washed Bourbon






REGION Colasay, Cajamarca

TASTE milk chocolate, floral, dried cranberry




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The Cup


This is a washed Bourbon Variety from the Colasay, Cajamarca region within Peru. This coffee is floral in aroma, bright with a milk chocolate body and delicious notes of citrus resembling cranberry . This coffee is versatile, making it a delicious option for all brewing methods including espresso.

About This Coffee

From our friends at Origin Coffee Lab: “Often the favorite on the cupping table, Colasay is located south of Jaen. A single variety of Bourbon comprises 80-90 percent of this area’s production. We try to avoid blending this variety, so we have set up a local buying station here in order to source and manage lot bulking. Solid post-harvesting and the unique variety of Bourbon ensure that the quality of the product here is reliably good. Our price premiums are stimulating growth in local participation, which we hope will lead to an increase in volume this season.

This comité has the privilege of being surrounded by beautiful landscapes and virgin mountains. The climate for this area is a bit chilly, which allows for a slightly longer drying process. Visiting this group is very dependent on dry roads; any rain usually means that access to the area is not possible. Most of the farms require about 2.5 hours of hiking to reach, although some are accessible by motorcycle.”

Growing Coffee in Peru

Peru is made up of a wide variety of landscapes, from long beaches to high mountains, from the desert to the largest rain forest. In the north, the second highest mountain rage, the Andes, goes through Cajamarca department and converges with the Amazon, creating complex and diverse orographies and microclimates. Cajamarca’s inter-Andean valleys have hosted coffee crops for more than 200 years and concentrate almost 43% of the total Peruvian coffee production, not only because of its vast lands but because of an ancient coffee tradition that goes back to the XVIII century, when the first coffee crops were brought in and started to be nurtured by the many generations of producers in the region. Coffee has been part of their lives for so long that their inhabitants’ experiences and learnings are inextricably linked to it.

Brewing Recipes


20g dry


48g out

Hario V60

18g  of medium ground coffee (#5 Baratza Vario)

310ml of 200F water.


16g of medium fine ground coffee (# 4 Baratza Vario)

275ml of 200F water.

Steep for 1 minute, plunge and serve!