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San Sebastian Cauca Washed




VARIETY Caturra, Castillo, Colombia

ELEVATION 1700 masl

TASTE caramelized orange, wildflower honey, cocoa



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The Cup

This is a washed coffee from a selection of producers located in Inza and Paez, found in the region of Cauca. Starting with the delicate taste and texture of sweet wild flower honey, the cup develops into a burst of caramelized orange. Depending on the brewing method the cup finishes with lingering hints of cocoa caramel.


San Sabastian

Inza and Paez are great regions for coffee as they border Huila. This gives them a great advantage because they usually have the body profile of a Cauca coffee and also the complexity typically found in coffees from Huila. These features combine to make them one of the sweetest coffees in Colombia.

The Producer

Cofinet is a company ran by the Arcila family in Armenia, Quindío, in the main coffee growing axis in Colombia known as the EJE Cafetero. The company is headed by the brothers Carlos and Felipe Arcila, the 4th generation of the family to be coffee farmers and now exporters. Young and innovative, the Arcila brothers didn’t have a straight path to coffee despite growing around farms and mills (their father worked for a big exporter called Racafé for 40 years!). Both of them have backgrounds in engineering and worked as such before falling in love with coffee in Australia.