Our Favourite Coffees when we're brewing with the French Press

We love our French Press, it's great to make coffee for a group, or a single cup... and versatile enough to make wonderful cold brew in the summer.


Coffee of the Month

Sero Bebes Eastern Highlands - PNG

Produced by Sero Bebes on his 34-hectare farm and processed at the washing station he founded in 2010.

The high mountain valleys of central Papua New Guinea offer some of the world’s most favorable terroirs for production of fine coffee.

The rugged terrain presents daunting transportation and infrastructure challenges.

Wet processed and sun dried on raised beds. Transported and stored in Grain Pro bags.

Needless to say, this Coffee has taken some real work to get to us.

That’s why we always take care to handcraft the roast of this coffee to reflect the quality, and care put into getting to us.

We’re really excited for this coffee, as it reflects a lot of the flavour qualities found in our fan favourite annual holiday blend – The Nutcracker.

We only have 200 bags, and then it’s gone. Forever.
(that felt a little dramatic, but hey, it’s true)