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Over the past 10 years and counting we've been helping Café's across Ontario be the Coffee Hero's of their area.

Now our goal is to help you be the Coffee Hero of your home by having fresh, hand roasted, coffee in your kitchen. Ready to help you enjoy your coffee every brew!

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Coffee of the Month

La Ilusion - Nicaragua

La Ilusion garnered it’s name from the location of the farm. Up high on a mountain ridge that ranges between 1750 and 1900 meters above sea level, the highest in all of Nicaragua.

The farm’s seclusion wraps it in tranquility, with old growth primary forest stretching down the mountainsides and the clouds floating into the farm make for dream-like scenery.

Farming in such an isolated place asks everyone involved to make sacrifices. Many of the farm workers will stay on the farm for weeks or months at a time.

From the seclusion to the environmental challenges, it can’t be lost on any of us that it’s a high degree of difficulty to produce coffee in such a land.

That such a wonderful coffee bean comes from this challenging scenario, is a testament to everyone involved in the farm within the clouds, surrounded by such beautiful landscapes.