Our Favourite Coffees from Colombia.

We're big fans of the ethically sourced coffee that we bring in from Colombia.

We have Single Origin, a couple wonderful blends including our Colombian beans, and we have our Seasonal Feature Coffee that are limited microlots. Which basically means we only have so many bags of them, and once they're gone... they're gone!

Coffee of the Month

Marcala Honey - Honduras

Marcala Honey is produced by 3rd generation coffee farmer Gerardo Penalba of Café Organico Marcala.

To Gerardo and his wife Fátima producing coffee is a 100 year old family tradition. As third generation farmers, they continue on a trajectory of excellent quality.

Now their Sons are set to take a larger role in the process, and keep the tradition going.

If you’re looking for Coffee that is steeped in tradition, and experience, this ones for you.