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Karumandi - Kenya

Located in the Kagumoini region, on the path from Nairobi to Mount Kenya National Park, Kiru Farmers Cooperative Society manages 4 processing stations including: Kora, Kamagogo, Diara and Kiruru.

Collectively there are 3.500 farmers actively producing coffee. This micro lot of 30 bags was processed at Kora Factory wet mill.

The long term goal of the Kiru Cooperative is to increase coffee productivity through farmer training, input access, agricultural practice seminars and sustainable farming techniques which are reviewed each year.

Kiru bring in experts from the national coffee board every year to oversee and assist with improvements.

Through pre-financing that they receive, farmers from Kora Factory are given advances for school fees and farm inputs. The factory manager is trained each year by CMS and an agronomist from the Ministry of Agriculture also make trips to Factories throughout the year to ensure that new techniques are being implemented.

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