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Coffee of the Month

San Isidro Double Washed - Honduras

Roasting this double washed lot requires a subtle hand at the controls of the roaster…

This coffee was a work in process for 3 years, as Katia Duke refined the process to bring the double washed process to Central America and really dial it in at her San Isidro farm.

We’re always proud to roast Katia’s beans as we know she makes an impact in more than just the coffee industry.

Katia’s hard work in the coffee world was matched by her work in the local community where she was instrumental in building a new school, and developing a nutritional program.

This one is a delicately nuanced coffee with floral aromas…

And so, keeping it light preserves the qualities that Katia worked so hard to produce.

In tasting sessions we brewed the coffee several ways in addition to the standard cup tasting. As the coffee is delicate and subtle, the tasting notes revealed themselves gradually through lots of excited discussion.

There is a citrus note that Julia identified as pomelo (a large citrus fruit similar to grapefruit) but we left that off the notes as it’s a fruit that’s not universally known.

In the Hario pour-over, the citrus acidity was right up front.

In a french press, a really pleasing balance came out between the fruit notes and the body which became very soft and silky.

The surprise for me was an espresso, which was complex and had a syrupy body and a super clean aftertaste.

It brought out the vanilla sweetness to the max.

This one like the Limmu is a microlot, which limits the amount of beans we were able to bring in.

We’ll only have 200 bags and then… it’s gone.