Handcrafted Coffee that Everyone Can Enjoy

Roasted Fresh in Stouffville, ON

Freshly Roasted Coffee, Delivering Café Quality Taste.

Our goal when we started 10 years ago was to make high quality coffee accessible to enjoy at home.

Part of that is finding unique micro lots of coffee to bring to our loyal fanbase.

Once we have those wonderful beans, it's time to dial in their roasting profile.

It's part science and part art, as we handcraft the roast - sometimes with multiple rounds of tastings while we dial in the flavour profile.

When we find the right flavour profile for a bean, it's such a wonderful moment.

That's when we get to share it with coffee lovers like you.

When it comes to these seasonal small batches, we only have 200 bags of each batch, and then it's gone.  Forever.
(that felt a little dramatic, but hey, it's true)

Check out all our different types of Handcrafted Coffee below!

Coffee For Everyone

Velvet Sunrise Don Eli Natural coffee beans bag

Seasonal Features

Our Seasonal Small Batch Coffee Beans

These are limited editions - usually only 200 bags

San Marcos Honduras Coffee

Single Origin

Our Coffee sourced from individual Coffee Producers

Our main line of Single Sourced Coffee

Velvet Sunrise Black Velvet coffee beans bag

Signature Blends

Our favourite Single Origin coffee blended.

Regularly Available

Velvet Sunrise Velvet Espresso beans bag

Signature Espresso Blends

We've taken our Single Origin coffee, and created epic espresso blends.

Regularly Available

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