A Unique Coffee from Katia Duke in Honduras

San Isidro Double Washed - Limited Edition

The New Double Washed Coffee from Honduras.

"I was looking for something different than the natural or honey process, double fermentation caught my eye and heart"
- Katia Duke

The Process

After picking the fresh coffee cherries are washed in grainpro bags at the micro mill.

They are left to rest for about 10 hours then out through the depulping machine which squeezes the seeds out of the cherry

This lot of coffee was first fermented for 12-24 hours as whole cherries in concrete tanks before being depulped.

Then, the pulped coffee fermented for 12 hours in tanks before being fully washed.

The clean seeds are returned to the tank again for a final soak in clean water.

This is the step that's unusual in Central American coffee processing, but always done in Kenya.

Kenyan coffee washing is among the best in the world. The extra work is a labour of love for Katia and she has proven the process works for her farm over the past 3 years.

It can confidently be added as a reliable step in improving the quality of her coffee.

Her coffee becomes our coffee, to share with our customers.

Roasting this double washed lot requires a subtle hand at the controls of the roaster. It's a delicately nuanced coffee with floral aromas.

And so, keeping it light preserves the qualities that Katia worked so hard to produce.

We only have 200 bags, and then it's gone.  Forever.
(that felt a little dramatic, but hey, it's true)

Produced by Katia Duke at the San Isidro Farm

One of the most well known farms in Honduras

Limmu Natural Ethiopian Coffee Sunrise
Limmu Natural Ethiopian Coffee Sunrise
container of roasted coffee beans

Is the San Isidro Double Washed coffee for you?

Do you enjoy true light roasts or consider yourself the adventurous type? Then this is a must try.

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