An Ethiopian Coffee unlike the others.

Limmu Natural - Limited Edition

Let's talk about Ethiopian coffee beans.

The Limmu coffee bean is naturally processed.

Which creates a different experience for the bean as it dries inside of the cherry (aka the skin).  Allowing it to soak up all that sweet sugar.

This leads to a fruity profile with much less acidity, which is rare for a bean coming out of the Ethiopian area.

Usually they're wet-processed. A process that results in a citrus & acidic flavour profile.

Which in turn makes a coffee bean like the Limmu microlot much harder to find.

It's not often you come across an Ethiopian bean with a fruity profile, and the texture of milk chocolate.

We only have 200 bags, and then it's gone.  Forever.
(that felt a little dramatic, but hey, it's true)

Produced by Ibrahim Hussein at Burka Gudina Estate

One of the few larger coffee farms in Ethiopia

Limmu Natural Ethiopian Coffee Sunrise
Limmu Natural Ethiopian Coffee Sunrise
container of roasted coffee beans

Is the Ethiopia Limmu coffee for you?

Do you consider yourself a fan of fruit flavor profiles or the adventurous type? Then this is a must try.

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