Sorry, PNG is now sold out. Tasting notes: Peach, Carob, Fruit leather Use: Filter Drip Roast: Medium Body: Full Grind: Fine Dose: 57g/L Producer: Kimel Estate Type: Peaberry Microlot Variety: Bourbon Elevation: 1,400 to 1,800 m Kimel Estate is a large farm located in...


Tasting notes: Brown sugar, malted chocolate Use: French press, Drip Roast: Medium Body: Full Grind: Medium Dose: 60g/L Producer: FecaFeb Variety: Typica, caturral, catuai  Elevation: 1,200 to 1,800 m The Federación de Caficultores Exportadores de Bolivia (FECAFEB)...


$13.99 / 400 g Sweet date and caramel flavours blending with hazelnut and cacao. Use: Espresso Roast: Medium Body: Full Grind: Fine Dose: 18.0-19.0g double, 25-29 seconds, 36-40g liquid Brazil Capim Branco has a full body, mild acidity and is very clean for a natural...

Capim Branco – Brazil Specialty Coffee

The quality of Brazil specialty coffee micro lots is constantly evolving and improving.  Brazil is the largest producer and exporter of arabica coffee in the world. While the bulk of export coffee is of commercial grade, destined for blending, it isn’t well...


Coffee Craft – Jute Coffee Bag Upcycling

cofee bag upcyclingWhy not kick up your craft a few notches with some coffee bag upcycling?  Many kilos of green coffee beans arrive at our roastery every week in jute coffee bags. What do we do with the bags after the beans have been emptied out for roasting? We transform them into items we can use in our daily lives – tote bags, cushion covers, aprons, wall hangings, upholstery, etc. In other words, we upcycle!  There are a few items for sale in our cafe, but you can give upcycling a try too. Drop in and ask for coffee bags – they are free for your creative re-use.

Here are a few ideas to inspire you!  Our local school always has use for a few of these for the sack race.



http://www.upcyclethat.com/burlap-pumpkins/5589/cofee bag upcycling hand bag

cofee bag upcycling

The Passionate Home



cofee bag upcycling canvas
















There are a few tips to keep in mind when using these bags. There are beautiful texts, colours and images, so sort through the bags and decide the placement layout for your project.  When cutting the fabric, bear in mind the the open weave wil ravel somewhat, so it’s best to wash the bags before cutting them apart.

Liner fabric can add to the fun, and close the weave so that stuffing will not show through. And, the fabric is plenty strong, so don’t be afraid to put on a good stretch before fixing!  So go ahead and have some fun with coffee bag upcycling.