Capim Branco – Brazil Specialty Coffee


Capim Branco – Brazil Specialty Coffee

The quality of Brazil specialty coffee micro lots is constantly evolving and improving.  Brazil is the largest producer and exporter of arabica coffee in the world. While the bulk of export coffee is of commercial grade, destined for blending, it isn’t well known that vast majority of coffee farmers hold small plots of several hectares in size.  Innovative processing, sorting and separation of harvests allows for separate cupping and identification of unique lots of coffee that are distinct. These small holder lots have qualities that are superior and desirable to single origin micro coffee roasters.

Boris and Mark Brazil_cupping

Boris and Mark cupping sample roasts

We received shipment of the Brazil Capim Branco Natural earlier this month and eagerly started testing. The Capim Branco is a microlot specialty coffee grown in the volcanic soils of  Fazenda Capim Branco. The farm has been in the Andrade family since 1901 and is located in the high, green, Cerrado Mineiro, a tropical savanna ecoregion of Brazil. The coffee is prepared using the natural method – ripe cherries are dried on the patio without having been pulped. This typically producing a sweeter, fruitier coffee. Once the beans reach the desired humidity level, they are dry milled to remove the dried pulp and parchment. After a short rest, they are ready to be sorted, screened, a bagged for export.

Testing the roast for a brew, we roasted it and pulled many samples at temperatures of 410F to 430F. The delicate, fruity and floral aromatic flavours were more prominent in the lighter roast range. We enjoyed the hazelnut flavours developing in the medium roast range as well.  The roast development testing now moving further up towards the start of second crack at 439F to see what body and flavour can be coaxed out in the chocolate range. … TO BE CONTINUED….