Single Origin

Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta




VARIETY caturra, castillo, typica, bourbon

ELEVATION 1200 – 2100 masl

TASTE crème caramel, preserved lemon



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The Cup

This is a washed, organic and fair trade certified coffee produced in northern Colombia, Sierra Nevada. Expect a cup with a creamy caramel note and a hint of  preserved lemon.


The Producer

This is a regional blend from the north-western area of Colombia. Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is a mountain range that translates to “Saint Martha’s Snow-Covered Mountain Range” named after Martha, the patron saint of servants and cooks.

ANEI produces high-quality organic coffee grown in harmony with, and with respect for, Mother Earth. ANEI was founded in 1995 by Aurora Izquierdo. As the first Arhuaco woman of the Yewrwa community to obtain a university degree, her goal was to organise the local indigenous and farmer economies. She used coffee as a tool to secure the future of those communities through the implementation of eco-sustainable programs and projects.

The ANEI cooperative consists of indigenous and campesino groups among its 700+ members. ANEI seeks to support indigenous cultures in the region.

Growing coffee organically supports the worldview of being the “elder brothers” of humanity and stewards of the earth. In order to bring back balance to the universe, they make offerings at sacred sites. Every harvest season, they ask permission to take from the earth, with a future promise to return it.

Brewing Recipes

Hario V60 Dripper

16g of coffee ground on #6 (Baratza Vario)

280ml 200 degree water

Brew Time: 3 minute

Fold edge of paper filter and place in dripper.
Place dripper on a carafe. Rinse dripper and filter with hot water and discard water.
Pour ground coffee into dripper.
Tap to level coffee grounds.
Set dripper and carafe on scale and tare to zero.
Start timer.
With gooseneck kettle, pour 50ml water into the centre of the bed of coffee ensuring all the coffee is saturated.
Let bloom for 30 seconds.
In a circular motion, from the centre outward, pour the next 150ml of water into dripper.
When the water level drops 1 cm, pour the remaining water.
Aim for a total brew time of 3 minutes.


Aeropress ( Inversion Method)

Tasting Notes: Creme caramel, preserved lemon

15g ground fine (#3 Baratza Vario)

Water: 260 ml @200F
Brew Time: 1 minutes steeping  30 sec plunge

Pour 100ml of water over grinds

Let bloom for 30 seconds

Pour remaining water

Stir with spoon

Place plunger half an inch into the top.

Steep for 1 minute

Plunge and serve


Coffee Maker

Tasting notes: Creme caramel, preserved lemon

Dose: 113g ground on #6.5 on Malkonig EK43
Water: 1.9L