Seasonal Features

Santa Leticia Natural






ELEVATION 1450-1700m

TASTE plum, hibiscus, grape juice









The Cup

Tasting notes: floral aroma of hibiscus. Juicy mouth feel. Slight initial acidity, which softens and opens up to delicate fruits as the cup cools. When brewed with a higher strength, raisin and chocolate start to dominate the profile.

This is a fully separated lot containing only the prized, heirloom variety Red Bourbon. It’s dried with the natural or dry processed method, which is not traditional for El Salvador. It’s a fruit driven profile which has some juicy texture and ripe, fermented fruits in it.

What’s Interesting

We haven’t had a coffee from El Salvador since the early 2010’s. I remember vividly receiving our first full pallet of coffee in 2010. It contained only 2 coffees, a washed Bourbon coffee from El Salvador, and a peaberry from Tanzania.


El Salvador’s coffee plantations were decimated by coffee leaf rust that passed through Central America in 2013-2014. El Salvador has relatively scarce resources, and so many farmers did not have the tools to adequately fight the rust fungus, and so most farms many or all of their trees lost their trees. The only recouse is to stump the trees or pull them completely and re-plant. Coffee trees, like blueberries, take about 5 years to establish and start producing a normal crop.

Finca Santa Leticia is a coffee farm, hotel and restaurant just south of Apaneca, in the western highlands of El Salvador. The highlight here is the small on-site archaeological park, displaying two ancient pot-bellied figures carved from huge boulders, weighing around 10,000kg each. Experts believe that these 2000-year-old characters were created by early Maya in honour of their rulers.

Santa Leticia grows only two excellent coffee varieties – Bourbon and Pacamara. Its’ 200 plus acres are found at a high elevation of 1400 to 1700 masl, perfect for high quality arabicas. All coffees are grown under a canopy of shade trees. Shade trees enhance biodiversity by providing a habitat for birds and insects that does not exist in mono crop agriculture. According to the farm manager, shade grown coffee canopy resists soil erosion, returns 96% of moisture to the soil, and gererates about 60 pounds of oxygen per day per hectare on its 100 hectare farm.

Ricardo Valdivieso, a fourth-generation coffee farmer, and his family are responsible for producing this fun coffee for us, this wild and wonderful dry processed Red Bourbon. Ricardo and Mauricio Valdivieso, their grandsons, own and run this beautiful farm situated in Apaneca, a mysterious place and home of Mayan philosophers.

Leticia Menéndez, daughter of Francisco, got married to Higinio Valdivieso who named the farm Santa Leticia. The western highland has rich volcanic soil, considered one of the best lands in Central America for coffee cultivation.

Brewing Methods

Hario V60-02 Pourover

Tasting Notes: Floral, Grape, Plum, Delicate and sweet


13g coffee ground medium (mid setting on Baratza Vario)
235g of water @200F
Hario #2 paper filter

Fold edge of paer filter and place in V60 dripper
Place dripper on a carafe. RInse dripper and filter with hot water and
discard water.
Pour ground coffee into dripper. Tap to level coffee grounds.
Set dripper and carafe on scale and tare to zero.
Start timer.
With gooseneck kettle, pour 35g water onto coffee ensuring all coffee
grounds are saturated.
Wait 30sec while the coffee degases and blooms.
Pour 100 ml of water in a circular motion onto coffee.
At 1min 30sec , pour remaining 100 ml water onto coffee, aiming to
finish drawdown by 2 mins 30 seconds.

Clever Brewer

Tasting Notes: Plum, Raisin, Grape juice, Light Syrupy texture


20g coffee griybd nedium coarse (2 notches from the coarset setting on
Baratza Vario)
350g water @205F
Flat bottom #4 paper filter

Fold side and bottom edges of paper filter, place in brewer, rinse
brewer and filter with hot water and discard water.
Pour ground coffee into brewer.
Set brewer on scale and tare to zero. Set timer.
Pour 100g of hot water onto grounds.
Stir the coffee mixture with a spoon to fully saturate all the grounds.
Pour remaining 250g water into brewer.
Gently stir once more.
Cover with lid and when timer reaches 3 minutes, place brewer on carafe.
Decant and serve.

French Press

Tasting notes: Plum, Grape jam, medium body, syrupy texture, lingering
cocoa finish


22 g coffee ground coarsest setting on Baratza Vario
400g water @ 200F

Preheat carafe with hot water and discard the water.
Pour ground coffee into carafe.
Place carafe on scale and tare.
Set timer. Add 400g water. Stir to fully saturate all the coffee.
Cover with lid.
When timer reaches 3 minutes, press plunger to bottom and serve.