Seasonal Features

Santa Teresa de Mogoton




PRODUCER Silvio Sanchez

PROCESS natural

ELEVATION 1500 masl

TASTE molasses, toasted oak, flamed orange



Espresso CHEMEX

French Press AEROPRESS


Imagine walking through a forest of tropical pines, and fruit trees. Then coming across small catuai coffee plants. Look up and you have a 10 hectare plot of this surrounding you.

When someone taps you on the shoulder and asks if you want to try the coffee from those plants. A coffee that carries tasting notes of flaming orange, molasses, and toasted oak…

Now, the toasted oak makes a lot of sense. Considering the tree’s surrounding those catuai plants.

That’s exactly what Silvio Sanchez has created for us with his Santa Teresa de Mogoton farm. Located far from civilization in Nicaragua. Far enough that it’s devoid of cell reception, and only a single lane road allows you in or out.

On this farm, Silvio is applying his education on all things about crop production. Which is what has caused a natural storm of circumstances to bring about such a high quality bean.

When you’re enjoying this coffee, let your mind drift to the Santa Teresa de Mogoton crops in Nicaragua. Where you’d experience healthy coffee shrubs flourishing among tropical pines.

You might see Migratory birds as they take refuge in such shade trees.

And if your imagination won’t let you get that far away from Canada, at the very least your palette will thank you.