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Leonid Ramirez Anaerobic Caturra




PRODUCER Leonid Ramirez

VARIETY caturra

ELEVATION 1850-1950 m.a.s.l

TASTE orange, mango, caramel

USE 60 g per litre of water










Clean, sweet and caramel with orange and exotic fruit notes.



This is a special micro lot coffee from Colombia. Producer Leonid Rameriz has, grown, processed and milled his own coffee in the mountainous Andes in central-western Colombia. This coffee, was carefully hand-picked to use only the ripest cherries. Then processed using the anaerobic fermentation process. Leonid utilizes stretches of anaerobic fermentation and long, slow final drying of the whole cherries to bring forth a unique and exciting flavour profile.


Anaerobic fermentation is relatively new process. This involves fermentation in an environment that lacks oxygen. During this process, coffee cherries are placed in sealed tanks that are pressurized from CO2 buildup, and then remaining pressure and oxygen are let out using release valves. With this specific micro lot the coffee cherries were then gently washed and placed on raised beds for 14 days until ideal moisture content was achieved.


The Caturra variety evolved from the Bourbon cultivar near the town of Caturra, Brazil in the early 20th century. Caturra has a higher yield than the bourbon variety. It matures quickly providing coffee beans two years after planting. The caturra plant is short and more disease resistant than older Arabica-based varieties. In the Colombian coffee growing axis, growers plant caturra at around three to four thousand feet on much gentler slopes than where more traditional Arabica varieties are grown.



Hario V60 Dripper

Tasting Notes: Dried Mango, tropical fruit, fruit leather, silky finish

Dose: 22 coffee ground at #8 Mahlkonig EK43
Water: 320 ml @200F

Brew Time: 2 minute

Fold edge of paper filter and place in dripper.
Place dripper on a carafe. Rinse dripper and filter with hot water and discard water.
Pour ground coffee into dripper.
Tap to level coffee grounds.
Set dripper and carafe on scale and tare to zero.
Start timer.
With gooseneck kettle, pour 50ml water into the centre of the bed of coffee ensuring all the coffee is saturated.
Let bloom for 30 seconds.
In a circular motion, from the centre outward, pour the next 100ml of water into dripper.
When the water level drops 1 cm, pour the remaining 120ml of water.
Aim for a total brew time of 2 minutes.

French Press

Tasting Notes: Flambe Orange, Mango Puree, Fruit Leather, Dark Caramel finish

Dose: 28g coffee ground #11.5 on Malkonig EK43
Water: 420 ml @200F

Brew Time: 3 minutes

Preheat carafe with hot water and discard water.
Pour ground coffee into carafe.
Place carafe on scale and tare.
Set timer.
Pour 400ml of water onto coffee and stir with spoon to fully saturate all the grounds.
Cover with lid.
When timer reaches 2 minutes 40 seconds, press plunger and serve.

Aeropress ( Inversion Method)

Tasting Notes: Fruit leather, Flambe Orange, Lingering Dark Caramel Finish

Dose: 15.5g ground on #4 on Malkonig EK43
Water: 230 ml @200F
Brew Time: 1 minute 30 sec

Attach plunger 1cm into the end of the main brewer that shows number 4.
Stand the brewer and plunger upside down with the brewer on the top and the plunger on the bottom. (the numbers will be upside down)
Place paper filter into cap. Rinse paper with hot water and discard water.
Pour 15g of ground coffee into brewer.
Place aeropress on a scale and tare to zero.
Set timer.
Slowly pour all the water into the brewer. Gently stir with spoon or paddle.
Cover with lid.
Once timer reaches 1 minute 30 secs, place a cup or mug over the lid and invert the aeropress and press plunger to extract coffee.