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Las Rosas Womens Group




PRODUCER Las Rosas Womens Group

VARIETY Catuai, Mundo Novo, Catucai

ELEVATION 800 – 1,350 masl.

TASTE Tangerine, jasmine, graham cracker




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The Cup

Las Rosas is a delicately complex cup involving floral and fruity scents – it will tingle your senses in all the right ways if you are a lover of lighter roasts!

About The Producer

Las Rosas is a group of 350 strong women with 50 women in leadership positions, all working as a team on coffee production improvement projects.

Overwhelmed by a lack of credit available in 2010, an initial group of 50 women came together to change the way they were being treated as it was weakening their families and future potential to lead a better and more productive life.

The project focuses on coffee production improvement projects. Initially, the group started by planting 2,500 coffee trees and installing parabolic drying tables.

The mission of the project is centered on family prosperity and generational renewal.  The project focuses on food security, economic stability, entrepreneurship and passing on coffee traditions to younger generations.

Coffee production is used as the vehicle to drive important change and development.  By prioritizing gender equality and inclusive decision-making in households and on farms, the group is able to receive credit and ownership.  This empowers other women to join to the group and allows for many of the existing women in the group to take on leadership positions as cooperative members regardless of their status on the farm.


Brewing Recipes

French Press

32g ground on coarsest setting  (Baratza Vario)

500ml of 200 degree water

Brew time 4 minutes

Add 32g of coffee to carafe. Pour 500ml of water over grounds.

Stir and make sure all the grounds are saturated. Steep for 4 minutes. Plunge and serve!

Pour Over

16g of coffee ground on #4 (Baratza Vario)

280ml of 200 degree water

Prime hario v60 filter with water. Discard water. Add 16g of grounds to filter. Pour 40ml of water over grounds then stir to make sure grounds are evenly saturated. Wait 30 seconds. Begin pouring the remaining water in a circular motion. Once all the water is used, take a spoon and give a small stir to the water within the filter. Wait for water to drain then serve!


175-180g of medium ground coffee ((Grind #6.5 on EK43)

5.0L of 86 degree water

Brew time: 4 minutes