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Jairo Arcila Double Washed Sidra



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PRODUCER jairo arcila

PROCESS double washed lactic fermentation

ELEVATION 1700-1900 masl

TASTE young ginger, honey, green apple





The Taste:

Delicate yet complex, crisp and clean. With an interesting sweet savoury balance. Be sure to smell the fresh or ground coffee on this one!

Tasting notes include young ginger, honey, malted barley (like Ovaltine), crisp malic acidity (green apple).

The Variety:

Sidra. A hybrid of Bourbon and Typica. Sidra is grown only in Colombia, Ecuador and Brazil.

The Process:

Lactic Acid fermentation, Double Washed

The introduction of lactic acid (lactobacillus rhamnosus) during the initial stage of fermentation caused the natural fruit sugars to be converted from primarily glucose and fructose to sucrose. This additiona processing step has been studied scientifically and found to produce higher intensity of certain aromatic compounds under certain roasting conditions. The scientist that researched this topic found that shorter roasting times in the 9 minute range brough about the highest aromatics with this unique process. Completely independent of that study, our roasting trials with this study found us getting the best tasting results with a 9 minute roast. Sometimes science and art come together!

The Farmer: Jairo Arcila, Quindio, Colombia

How did you come into growing coffee?

My father was always a Coffee Grower and farmer, I just learned from him and when my time came I ran the farms myself and loved it since then.

What is a day in your life like?

Nowadays I dedicate 100% to farms, I do not spend the whole day at only one farm, besides growing coffee I also grow avocado, plantains, bananas, oranges, tangerine, and some other plants. So basically I spend every day at the farms.

What opportunities are you looking for from people that buy your coffee?

I love to see how both my sons are doing great on the business, Carlos and Felipe are my biggest pride as a father and I would love to keep watching them grow and achieve their personal goals. If I can help them selling all my coffee trough our Cofinet I feel very glad and of course, I do better profits haha

Where does your passion come from?

Farming is in veins, not only coffee but living a farmers life is something I have always enjoyed, even though I have the chance to get retired if I wanted to, I feel that the countryside, the plants, and all the extras that come together with a farm give me life, make me feel important and useful, at my age (69) I feel proud to be able to keep producing and working, and of course, helping many people around.

What makes your coffee different from others?

I work with a passion for everything I do, coffee is not an exception, Also I have learned from Felipe different processing methods that I know help a lot to coffee flavors, such as this.

Jairo, is a third generation coffee producer, who owns various forward-thinking farms and over the years has experimented growing exotic varieties with great success. Working together with his sons to perfect the practice of selective picking of coffee cherries, hand sorting and progressive fermentation techniques, Jairo has been able to continue to innovate and explore the boundaries of Colombian coffee, while still maintaining the coffee’s intrinsic cup profile.

The coffee went through several iterations to develop the roast profile. The variability of each initial set of prototypes was examined using various brewing methods, keeping in mind the species/variety of the coffee and the processing method.

We approached roasting this coffee from two perspectives: recognizing the individual flavour attributes of the coffee, as well as, its untapped potential; and, determining a roast profile to showcase those notable attributes.

The coffee has an inherent sweetness that might be minimized if roasted too aggressively. We charged the drum at a modest temperature and waited to apply gas 15 seconds after the turn around.

The coffee moved quickly through the drying phase and, while we reduced the heat gradually, we were able to extend Maillard to 3:51 minutes. The drop in heat delta smoothed the final moments of roasting and we were able to extend first crack to about 72 seconds and drop the coffee at a light 385.4F.

The results in the cup are stunning. This coffee conveys a lot of transparency.

Here is a pour over recipe suggestion.

V60 Pour Over Recipe

Tasting notes: Honey ginger, lemongrass, malt finish

15g coffee ground medium
260ml water @ 200F
Hario V60 #2 paper filter

Fold edge of paper filter and place in dripper.
Place dripper on a carafe. Rinse dripper and filter with hot water and discard water.
Pour ground coffee into dripper.
Tap to level coffee grounds.
Set dripper and carafe on scale and tare to zero.
Start timer.
With goose neck kettle, pour 50ml water onto coffee ensuring all coffee grounds are saturated.
When timer reaches 30 secs, in a circular motion, pour another 100ml water onto coffee.
When timer reaches, 1 min 30 secs, pour remaining 110ml of water onto coffee.

Aim for total brew time of 2 minutes 15 secs.