Single Origin

Inca Empire




ELEVATION 1200-2050 masl

TASTE dark chocolate, brown sugar, prune






The Cup

Pleasingly quaffable coffee with warming taste impressions of dark chocolate, brown sugar and prune. The acidity is low and fruitiness is subtle and mild.

About The Coffee

This is an organic and fairtrade certified coffee from the Jaén province within the Cajamarca region of Peru. Located in the northern part of the country, the Jaén Province is one of the thirteen provinces in the Cajamarca Region. Geographically, the province has a mountainous terrain crisscrossed by the rivers of the Huancabamba-Chamaya Basin.

The Producer

The Cenfrocafe cooperative was founded in 1999 with 220 small-scale coffee farmers in eleven community-based associations. Today, Cenfrocafe has more than 3,000 farmer members in local associations spanning across twelve provinces within the lush Cajamarca region.

On average, Cenfrocafe producers yield twenty 100lb sacks of organic parchment coffee per hectare, and often place in the top finalists in national and international quality competitions. Cenfrocafe farmers have improved access to basic health, education, and other social services.

Cenfrocafe founding member and former president of the producer Board of Directors, Anselmo Huaman Moreto, explains: “A huge difference in our lives is that now our children can actually go to school, our coffee is being recognized in the market for the quality we produce, we are receiving a fair price for our efforts, and our members can be proud again to be farmers.”

Brewing Recipes

Hario V60 Dripper

16g of coffee ground on #6 (Baratza Vario)

280ml 200 degree water

Fold edge of paper filter and place in dripper.
Place dripper on a carafe. Rinse dripper and filter with hot water and discard water.
Pour ground coffee into dripper.
Tap to level coffee grounds.
Set dripper and carafe on scale and tare to zero.
Start timer.
With gooseneck kettle, pour 50ml water into the centre of the bed of coffee ensuring all the coffee is saturated.
Let bloom for 30 seconds.
In a circular motion, from the centre outward, pour the next 230ml of water into dripper.
Aim for a total brew time of 3 minutes.

Coffee Maker

Tasting Notes: orange, mango, caramel

Dose: 95g coffee ground medium
Water: 1.9L


Tasting Notes: orange, mango, caramel

18g coffee ground fine

Brew time: 26 sec

Yield: 34ml