Seasonal Features

Don Eli Finca Tematica White Honey





VARIETY caturra

ELEVATION 2100 masl

TASTE pear, honey, exotic fruits

USE 60 g per litre of water



Coffee Maker AEROPRESS







Clean, sweet and delicate with apple/pear and exotic fruit notes.




This is a special micro lot coffee from Costa Rica. Producer Don Eli has grown, processed and milled this coffee in their own micro mill in the Tarrazu region, just south of the capital of San Jose. Using the white honey process this coffee presents a fruit forward profile backed with a caramel finish.




Carlos Montero, owns and runs Microbeneficio, Don Eli, Finca Tematica with his family. About five years ago Carlos and his 3 generational family decided to make a monumental commitment to quality, by deciding to process all their coffee within their own property.

The Montero family lives in El Llano de La Piedra, between the towns of San Marcos and Santa Maria de Dota in the Tarrazú canton of Costa Rica. The family’s micromill, Microbeneficio Don Eli, is equipped to process Washed, Honey, and Natural coffees from the family’s nearby farms. One of these farms, Finca Tematica, surrounds the micromill located just across the river from the family’s home.

Today, Carlos and his entire family are deeply involved at Don Eli Coffee farm. They have worked to produce coffee for CoopeDota in the past, which is one of Costa Rica’s largest Co-Ops, for over 20 years.

In 2020, this is the first year for Don Eli Coffee farm to begin dry milling and doing the final preparation of their own coffees for export. This is an exciting as now the coffee is entirely processed by the family led team on their own micro mill, solar drying greenhouses, and now dry mill. In this way every step can be paid close and careful attention particularly by Carlos in the harvest, Jacob in the mill and drying, and Marianela is the cupping room where everyone participates in the final tasting and approval.

But during the harvest year of 2014 to 2015, Carlos and his family took a big step, the micro mill project. It was their first year producing coffee out of their micro-mill. Micro-mills are smaller production mills, owned and operated by the coffee producers, rather than the large Co-Ops. This way they can regulate their own coffee, focus on innovative processing methods and ensure quality in each coffee bean. They were leaving the mass production concept behind to uphold the “quality over quantity” mindset. Buyers from around the world took note in that year’s exceptional harvest and the rest was history.




1. Hario V60 Dripper

Dose: 15g coffee ground medium fine
Water: 255ml @ 200F
Brew time: 2 minutes
Pour 50ml onto coffee bed, wait 30 seconds for coffee to bloom. Pour another 100ml of water onto coffee bed in a circular motion. When the water level drops 1cm, pour remaining water into dripper aiming for a total brew time of 2 minutes.

Tasting notes: Pineapple, Honey, Black Tea

2. French Press

Dose: 20g coffee ground coarse
Water: 340ml @ 200F
Brew time: 3 minutes

Tasting Notes: Orange, Syrupy texture, Mango, Cocoa

3.. Aeropress (Inversion method0

Dose: 13g coffee ground medium fine
Water: 200ml @ 200F
Brew time: 2 minutes

Tasting notes: Pineapple, Honey, Sugar Cane, Medium Body