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Blue Ayarza Natural






ELEVATION 1800-2200m

TASTE blackberry jam, plum, dark chocolate









This small lot was natural dry processed, which amps up the fruit driven profile to new levels. Think about flavours like blackberry, plum and dark chocolate. A rare find for Guatemalan coffees, which traditionally use the wet or washed process of fermentation.

Blue Ayarza is sourced from many small producers in the Laguna de Ayarza (Lake Ayarza) area of the Santa Rosa department of Guatemala. Some farmers bring full truckloads of cherries; others arrive with a single sack on the back of a donkey.

Laguna de Ayarza is a crater lake known locally as Laguna Azul (Blue Lake). Lake Ayarza was formed around 20,000 years ago by a volcanic eruption.  Locally, the mythology around the lake is even more interesting. Some say it has a connection to the ocean, as the depth of the lake it unknown. Those dives that have tried to find out, have resulted in tragic failure.

We do know Lake Ayarza is in a remote location in the southern reaches of the country, an area difficult to access. This means it has remained in pristine condition with only around 10 houses built around its shores.

The lake is only 30 minutes from the coffee processing station and is a must-see if visiting.

Brewing Recipes for Guatemala Natural Blue Ayarza

Hario V60 Dripper

14g coffee ground medium (mid setting on Baratza Vario)
250g water @200F
Hario V60 paper filter

Fold edge of paper filter and place in dripper. Place dripper on carafe and rinse paper and carafe. Discard water.
Pour ground coffee into dripper. Set dripper and carafe on scale and tare to zero. Start timer.
With a gooseneck kettle, pour 30g hot water onto coffee. Wait 30 seconds for coffee to degas. In a circular motion starting from the centre, slowly pour 100g of water onto coffee. Pour remaining water into dripper. Aim for a total brew time of 2 mins 30 seconds.

Tasting notes: Guava, Whiskey, Blueberry with Syrupy texture.

French Press

22g coffee ground coarse (coarsest setting on Baratza Vario)
400g water @200F

Preheat carafe with hot water and discard water.
Pour ground coffee into carafe. Place carafe on scale and tare. Set timer. Add 100g of water to coffee. Stir to fully saturate all the coffee.
Pour remaining 300g water into carafe. Cover with lid. When timer reads 3 minutes, press plunger and serve.

Tasting notes: Blackcurrant, whiskey, cocoa

Drip coffee ( Keurig with reusable pods)

12g coffee ground medium fine
200g water

We used a Keurig reusable pod to demonstrate that you can brew really good coffee on a simple drip coffee maker at home. Though you can’t control the temperature of the water on a drip coffee maker, you can however make adjustments to the amount of coffee, the size of the grind and the amount of water that will brew your coffee. Tweaking these 3 factors can help you brew a really good cup of coffee on a simple machine. I used a Keurig and a reuseable pod to brew one 200ml cup of coffee for this demonstration.

First, I like to run my Keurig with just water to heat the machine. Also, this helps to clean out any leftover residue from a previous brew.

Pour 200g cold water into water reservoir.
Add 12g ground coffee to reuseable pod. Tamp lightly with back of spoon and make an indentation (i just used a skewer) in the middle of the coffee bed the same size as the hole on the pod’s lid. This helps the water fully infuse through the entire pod. Close lid on pod and place in brewer. Close the brewer cover and press brew button.