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Alberto Romero Quispe Washed






ELEVATION 1200-1550m

TASTE raisin, praline, malt



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The Cup


This washed coffee from Bolivia is ripe with flavours of raisin, malt and the delicate sweetness of pralines. This coffee provides a great balance while still maintaining clarity and complexity.

The Producer

This is a washed microlot from the producer AIPEP, the Asociacion Integral de Productores Ecologicos de Pumiri. AIPEP is a primary-level producer association, located in the small village of Pumiri tucked away in the Yungas mountains in the province of Caranavi in Bolivia.

The association was formally founded in 2002. From its beginnings, members worked hard to develop the internal systems for excellent organic production and quality control. These producers have been selected for their commitment to good processing techniques, some of which may have submitted samples to regional and national quality competitions. Their farms are typically between 1200 to 1550 meters above sea level. Their farms are also considered local examples in good agroecological practices, with active reforestation and fertilization and limited chaqueo, a practice of slash-and burn clearing that is all too common in Bolivia.

The Processing

Harvest is conducted by ensuring the ripest cherries are selected, ensuring the cherry is picked leaving the node intact. Once picked, the cherries are floated in wooden tanks to remove any floaters, insect damaged and/or underdeveloped beans. The coffee is pulped in a well serviced and calibrated depulper. Once pulped, the coffee is dry fermented for 12-24 hours, depending on the time of day and ambient temperature. Once the coffee is gritty when squeezed in your hand, the mucilage has been broken down to proceed to wash. The coffee is washed with fresh water. Runoff water is evacuated into filtration ponds. The washed parchment is then dried in raised marquesina  tables for 6-7 days, to later be submitted to AIPEP for warehousing.


Brewing Recipes


32g of coffee ground medium

500ml 200 F water

Once filter is primed with water add the grinds making sure they are evenly distributed

pour 70ml of water over grinds making sure coffee is fully saturated. (you can use a spoon to stir gently)

Pour remaining water starting from the center then circling outward slowly.

French Press

32g of coffee ground on coarsest setting (Baratza Vario)

500ml of 200F water

Brew time 4 minutes

Add 32g of coffee to carafe. Pour 500ml of water over grounds.

Stir and make sure all the grounds are saturated. Steep for 4 minutes.

Plunge and serve!

Pour Over

23g of coffee ground on #7  (Baratza Vario)

360 ml 200 F water

 Pour 60 ml of water saturating grounds let sit for 20 seconds

Add remaining water in one steady pour starting from center and circling out.

Stir water lightly