$15.99 / 400 g

Classic Kenyan coffee displays ripe black currant or blackberry fruit notes atop a winey acidity reminiscent of aged port. Our Kenya AB Black Currant is classic Kenyan coffee.

Type: Small scale farmer co-ops Process: Washed and sundried on raised drying beds

Variety: SL 28 and SL 34  Elevation: 1700-1800 m  Region: Murang’a county  Use: Drip, filter, french press

Clever Dripper

  • Grind: Baratza Encore #20 (medium)
  • Beans: 30 grams
  • Water: 450 grams
  • Temperature: 93 deg C
  • Start timer and pour 100 grams water and allow to bloom for 30 seconds. Slowly add remaining 350 grams of water (1 cm below edge of dripper), stir gently, cover and steep until timer shows 2 minutes 30 seconds. Place dripper on server. Drain down approximately 20 seconds.
  • Tasting notes: Black currant, and deep cocoa finish. Balanced body


French Press

  • Grind: Baratza Encore #26 (medium-coarse)
  • Beans: 45 grams (5 level scoops)
  • Water: 600 grams
  • Temperature: 93 deg C
  • Start timer and pour 250 grams water. Stir gently and let bloom for 30 seconds. Slowly add remaining 350 grams water. Stir gently again. Cover and brew until timer shows 2 minutes 30 seconds. Plunge and serve.
  • Tasting notes: Citrus and dark cherry notes, cocoa and almond finish. Full body.


Hario V60

  • Grind: Baratza Encore #17 (medium)
  • Beans: 17 grams
  • Water: 250 grams
  • Temperature: 93 deg C
  • Start timer and pour 50 grams water in circular motion to fully saturate grinds. Let bloom for 30 seconds. Slowly pour remaining 200 grams water in circular motion, avoiding paper filter. Total brew time approximately 2 minutes.
  • Tasting notes: Ripe cherries and roasted almond finish.


Our Kenya AB Black Currant coffee is an excellent example of carefully selected individual lots of high quality coffee.  Coffees from four of Kenya’s premier washing stations, known as coffee factories showcase the best attributes of each. The result is a dynamic coffee with a tart zing, deep cherry notes and a lingering almond and chocolate finish.  Kenyan coffees are so delicious in the cup.

This coffee comes from four counties; Nyeri (Kahuro coffee factory), Kirinyaga (Guama coffee factory), Kiambu (Kanake coffee Factory), Murang’a (Kianderi Coffee Factory). The coffee shrubs are grown in high altitudes, 1700-1800 metres above sea level. Distinct growing conditions in each location differ from rich volcanic sandy soils to fertile loamy earth. Once the beans are harvested, they are washed, fermented and sun dried on raised beds. Coffee beans that are grown in Kenya are primarily marked by screen size. Our Kenya coffee is classified as an AB Grade with a screen size of 16/64 of an inch. The larger the bean, the higher the grade.

Aside from tasting delicious, the factories contributing to the AB Black Currant represent the range of agronomic conditions spanning the Murang’a region and the work farmers and cooperatives are doing to ensure quality.

Murang’a County (85 kilometers northeast of Nairobi) covers 2,558 square kilometers. Murang’a coffee lots represent the toil of thousands of small holder farmers from Kitiri and Kamacharia cooperative farmer groups.The Kitiri Farmers Cooperative Society’s Gondo mill works in selective hand picking and sorting of ripe cherries. The Kamacharia Farmers Cooperative Society founded the Wahundura Village coffee factory in 1972.

In the cup we find this coffee carries very lovely dark and red berry fruits and citrus tones balanced by almond and chocolate in the body.