Gold Cup Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

Gold Cup Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

If you think coffee is a good thing, then wait till you taste our Gold Cup Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. This coffee is famous for its silky texture, chocolaty aftertaste and delicate balance. What makes Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee so much better than others? Its unique growing environment, harvesting and processing, and roasting process. We can’t reveal all of its closely guarded secrets, but we can tease you a little bit until you try it.

Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is some of the most expensive, as it is the most exclusive in the world. The region is fairly small. The high Caribbean mountain area offers an ideal climate for the cultivation of fine coffee. The perfect soil, climate, the misty mornings, and the balmy afternoons contribute to the delicious coffee offering of the Blue Mountains in Jamaica. It is a very well-respected for its mild and smooth flavor, without any of the bitterness that you are likely to find in typical store-bought coffee.

Unfortunately, many of today’s coffees are wrongly labeled as Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. They are often mixed with inferior grades of coffee and sold at lowered prices. So, be sure to get the 100% certified Blue Mountain coffee so you can enjoy the goodness of the real thing.

Harvesting and Processing

We pick the ripest berries and put the coffee berries into large holding tanks and inspect them to remove green, over fermented, damaged, or other low-quality cherries. Once the batch is approved, we wash it to get rid of the mucilage (the sugary layer of the bean). Once it’s processed and dried to a suitable moisture content, we pass it through several quality control tests and processes of the independent coffee board QC labs to make sure that the quality of the product is in pristine condition.

When this process is completed, the bean that is remaining is called the parchment. We spread the parchment across slabs of concrete to dry it. This process can take several days to complete depending on the sunlight intensity and climate. Once its dried and collected, we store it to rest and stabilize the moisture content before making its seaborne journey for export.

Roasting and Selling

Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee beans have a bluish-green shade to them before we put them into the roasting process. This visual quality is already a sign of fine coffee to come. We slow roast the coffee in small batches our state-of-the-art roasting plant in Stouffville (near Toronto, Ontario, Canada). Once the beans are roasted, we immediately heat seal the oxygen barrier bags to lock in the aromas. You can buy the coffee directly online as well as walk-in at our retail storefront.

If your area of expertise is drinking premium coffee, then you are assured that the 100% certified Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee we sell after our extensive roasting process will surely make your taste buds happier than any other type of coffee in the world. It is a perfect coffee for Fridays when you are performing tedious data entry or catching up on paperwork. Dunkin Donuts coffee is good, Starbucks coffee is good, but our 100% certified Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is the one that surely belongs in the category of true excellence. It is a treat that you will surely love.