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$119.99, shipping included

The first major coffee press re-design in over 30 years! The ESPRO Press micro-filters your coffee twice, revealing complex flavor, texture and body – without the grit.  The vacuum-insulated stainless vessel holds heat for hours and won’t break.

It’s a gorgeous way to present and to enjoy your coffee – on your own, or with guests!

This is the large size press, which has a nominal 32 oz or 8-cup capacity. What is the most commonly asked question? Does the coffee go in between the two mesh filters, or in the bottom? The answer is, the grinds go in the bottom, just as in a traditional french press. The two screens have a different fineness, which means the coffee effectively gets filtered twice. If there was only one superfine screen, the press would be too hard to plunge down.

Pro Tip:  We like to give it a gentle stir after 2 minutes of steeping, to settle the grinds. This makes the plunging much easier.

“A Sludge-Free French Press” – Florence Fabricant, New York Times

“It definitely achieves its goal to bring a press-pot cup of coffee without the grit” – Dan Nosowitz, Popular Science

“ESPRO Press, a French Press That Works.” – Charlie Sorrel, Wired

“A Cleaner, Tastier Cup of French Press Coffee in the Morning” – Leslie Horn, Gizmodo

Available in THREE sizes:
-SMALL makes 8 oz (1 US cup, 2 EU cups)
-MEDIUM makes 18 oz (1.5-2 US cup, 3-4 EU cup)
-LARGE makes 32 oz (3-4 US cups, 6-8 EU cups)
Contains two patent pending micro-filters
Filters are BPA, BPS and phthalate free, made from USA-manufactured materials
Assembled in Canada
Stainless steel container, double-walled, vacuum-insulated
Global patents pending

espro press large