Papua New Guinea

papua new guinea single origin coffee

Nebilyer Papua New Guinea

This clean, complex wet processed coffee is sun dried on patios has a baking spicy and light-bodied buttery sweetness and a lingering citrus note

Crop:  2018-19 Just In!
Drying:  Bourbon, Typica
Elevation:  +1350m
Fragrance:  caramel, spice
Tasting notes:  lemon, cherry, buttery finish
Price: $14.95/400g

Coffee has been cultivated in the Eastern Highlands for over 80 years. The bulk of it originates from small holder farmers having 1500 and less coffee plants.  Previously, the central valley has been strained because clans and tribes have been at war.  However, with the addition of coffee cultivation, the region has become less hostile.  This specific coffee is a product of a multitude of small holders’ crops originating in many different villages throughout the valley.  The cherries produced by these small holders are taken to the Goroka mill and thoroughly checked for quality control before being prepared for export, resulting in a clean and consistently smooth cup quality.

Pour-over and batch brewing


Cafe Pionero Ecuador honey

Café Pionero ensures that small-scale farmers receive fair prices for their coffee.  Created by Jenny Zambrano after an earthquake hit her village in 2016, Café Pionero has created direct-trade between remote villages in the Andes Mountains and coffee lovers in Canada.  This has resulted in better pay for the farmers, training and education seminars on sustainable farming practices, and employment opportunities – including some of the only paid jobs for women in Jenny’s village.  Café Pionero aims to create lasting relationships, ensuring fairly traded coffee year after year.Special coffee,

Crop: 2018
Region: Manabi, Ecuador
Process: Honey
Fragrance: Pear
Tasting notes: Juicy pear, Peach, Mango, Caramel
Price: $16.95/400g

Special project – thank you Jenny and Noel for bringing this coffee to life!

Don Eli Costa Rica

best Costa Rica Tarrazu single origin coffee
Three generations of the Montero family working coffee in the stunning micro region San Marcos of Tarrazu, Costa Rica. At an altitude of 1800 to 2100 m, the flagship “La Pastora” plot is rich in volcanic soil and carefully tended through the care and tending to produce the best Costa Rican coffee available. Today Carlos and his entire family are deeply involved at Don Eli Micro mill to hand pick only the ripest cherry. They focus on white and yellow honey processing to maximize the sweetness and transparency of the coffee.

Crop: 2018
Farmer: Carlos Montero
Farm: Tematica
Region: San Marcos, Tarrazu
Mill: Microbeneficio Don Eli
Lot name: Juan Calderon
Height: 1650m
Process: yellow honey
Fragrance: Creme brulee
Tasting Notes:  Honey, Plum sweetness
Price: $16.99/400g

Seasonal feature from our friends at don eli in tarrazu.

best Costa Rica Tarrazu single origin coffee best Costa Rica Tarrazu single origin coffee best Costa Rica Tarrazu single origin coffee best Costa Rica Tarrazu single origin coffee best Costa Rica Tarrazu single origin coffee best Costa Rica Tarrazu single origin coffee